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Charlotte NC Relocation--How Much Does It Cost to Live in Charlotte?

Considering a move to Charlotte NC?  As you do your research, you will probably want to know how the cost of living compares with where you live now.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce participates in cost of living analyses every quarter.  These analyses compare the overall cost of living in each metropolitan area as well as various components such as groceries, housing, and utilities.

How much does it cost to live in Charlotte?

In the second quarter of 2013, Charlotte’s cost of living index stood at 95 or 95% of the national average.  The national average is 100 on the index.  Charlotte’s index ranked #12 on a list of the top 40 metropolitan markets in the United States or twelfth lowest on the cost of living index.  By comparison, San Antonio had the lowest cost of living at 86.2 on the index and New York City had the highest cost of living at 218.9 on the index.

The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce offers a Cost of Living Calculator.  Click here to compare living in your city with living in Charlotte.

How does the cost of living in Charlotte compare with other southern cities?

The Chamber compared the cost of living in Charlotte with 9 other southern cities:  Nashville, Winston-Salem, Raleigh, Tampa, Atlanta, Dallas, Columbia, Wilmington, and Houston.  Charlotte ranked fifth on the list with in index of 95.0.  Nashville was the lowest cost city with a rank of 87.3 and Houston with the highest cost city with a rank of 97.5.

The cost of living was then broken into categories.  Charlotte’s rankings were #8 at 99.4 for groceries, #7 at 83.8 for housing, #7 at 107.3 for utilities, #7 at 100.7 for transportation, #4 at 97.2 for health care and #3 at 96.3 for miscellaneous goods and services.  The lowest cost city for groceries was Houston; for housing, Winston-Salem: for utilities, Nashville; for transportation, Winston-Salem; for health care, Nashville; and for miscellaneous goods and services, Winston-Salem.

Want to know more about real estate and living in Charlotte NC?  Request a free Charlotte relocation package.

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