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2013 Union County NC Property Taxes--A Guide and Comparison with Charlotte Taxes

August is the month when Union County NC homeowners find property tax bills in their mailboxes.  Property taxes are set each year by the county commissioners who establish a tax rate.  The tax rate is multiplied by the assessed value of the property to determine the annual tax bill.  The tax bill may also include some fees, such as fire district fees and storm water fees.  There are no separate taxes or fees for the school system.

If a property is located within one of Union County’s small towns, the property owner will also receive a tax bill from the municipality.  The lone exception to municipal taxes in Union County is the Town of Hemby Bridge, which levies no property taxes.

While county and municipal tax bills are issued in August, the bills are not due until the beginning of January.  Most homeowners or their lenders if they are escrowing for taxes pay their tax bills in November/December.  The current tax bill covers July 2013 through June 2014.

How much are the 2013 property taxes in Union County and its small towns?

The table below shows how much a homeowner could expect to pay in 2013 for a property assessed at $200,000.  The amount shown for municipalities includes county taxes.

Tax District Annual Taxes for $200,000 Home
Unincorporated Union County $1320
Marvin $1420
Monroe $2430
Waxhaw $2000
Indian Trail $1690
Stallings $1750
Weddington $1424
Lake Park $1780
Wesley Chapel $1353

To learn more about Union County property taxes, visit the Union County website.

Did Union County property taxes go up or down for the 2013-2014 tax year?

Tax rates did not change in Union County or any of the towns listed above.

How do Union County property taxes compare with Charlotte-Mecklenburg property taxes?

Charlotte and the small towns of Matthews and Mint Hill are in Mecklenburg County.  The tax rates in these areas are higher than those in Union County.  The final tax bill is also calculated by multiplying the assessed value of the property times the tax rate set by the local government.

The table below shows 2013 property taxes for a $200,000 property.  The amount shown for the municipalities includes county taxes.

Tax District Taxes for a $200,000 Home
Unincorporated Mecklenburg County $2018
Charlotte $2568
Matthews $2266
Mint Hill $2171


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