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Property Taxes in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County NC--A Comparison

Property Taxes in Charlotte-Mecklenburg and Union County NC—A Comparison

Charlotte NC home buyers often ask me to compare the property taxes in Charlotte versus Union County NC and its small towns. Everyone has heard that taxes are lower outside Charlotte. Are they really lower? If so, by how much?

It’s July and counties and municipalities have just completed the process of adopting their budgets and setting the tax rate to fund those budgets for the coming year. Using the new tax rates, let’s compare property taxes for three cities in Mecklenburg County with some of Union County’s towns. The numbers in the tables below represent the property taxes on a property with an assessed value of $200,000.

Click here for an update of the 2013-2014 property taxes in Union County and Charlotte.

Mecklenburg County Taxes for a $200,000 Home

City/TownProperty Taxes
Mint Hill$2173


Union County Taxes for a $200,000 Home

City/TownProperty Taxes
Union County only$1330
Wesley Chapel$1363
Indian Trail$1620
Lake Park$1790


It should be noted that a property’s annual tax bill may include other fees, such as fire district fees and storm water fees. Charlotte NC home buyers moving from out of state often ask if there is a school tax in addition to the property taxes. This answer is no. County taxes pay for the schools.

If you are comparing the property taxes in various towns and cities, you should also look at what services you will receive from the local government. While property taxes in Mecklenburg County include garbage pickup, some of the areas in Union County do not. If you live in unincorporated Union County or Weddington or Wesley Chapel, for example, you will need to contract with a private garbage hauler for garbage pickup. The Mecklenburg towns have their own police departments while only some of the Union County towns have a police department.

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Posted: Tuesday, July 19, 2011 2:55 PM by Carol Fox


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