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Union County NC Relocation--Population of Union County's Small Towns

Union County NC Relocation—Population of Union County’s Small Towns

You are thinking about a move to a place with friendly people, a temperate climate with four seasons, great schools, access to cultural facilities and professional sports, and small town living.  Friends urge you to consider moving to Union County NC, an area adjacent to Charlotte’s southern edge.

Your first question most likely is “how many people live in Union County and what size are its towns and villages?”  Then, “is Union County a dynamic place where newcomers are welcome and can find places to work and raise a family?”

The 2010 Census figures, just released, provide answers to these questions.  The table below shows the 2010 population of Union County’s small towns and their growth rate from 2000 to 2010.

 Population 2010Growth Rate 2000-2010
Union County201,29263%
Indian Trail33,518185%
Wesley Chapel7,463193%
Lake Park3,42263%

Source:  U.S. Census Bureau, Charlotte Observer

Union County was the fastest growing county in North Carolina during the last decade.  It’s growth rate was astonishing but the growth rates of some of the small towns were far greater.  These small towns grew not only by adding new developments but sometimes by annexing more land into their borders as well. 

Some of the towns, such as Weddington and Marvin, have large lot zoning.  Development is low density so these towns may never have large populations.  Other towns like Indian Trail allow small lot developments.  These compact neighborhoods mean that Indian Trail is likely to remain one of the largest of Union County’s towns and villages.  One of the surprises of the 2010 Census figures is that Indian Trail is now Union County’s largest town, overtaking Monroe, the county seat.

Will Union County continue this blistering growth rate in the coming decade?  That’s unlikely as growth has moderated since the beginning of the recession. 

Will it continue to be a great place to live?  Absolutely.  Whether you want a rural atmosphere or suburban living, you can find the perfect place for you in Union County NC.

Want to know more about real estate and living in Union County NC?  Request a free Union County NC relocation package.

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Posted: Thursday, March 17, 2011 2:20 PM by Carol Fox


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