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Charlotte NC Schools--Magnet Programs are an Option for Students

Charlotte NC Schools—Magnet Programs are an Option for Students

Students in the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) have options other than the traditional neighborhood school.  Magnet schools are one of those options.  CMS offers theme-based magnet programs to provide opportunities geared to student interests, abilities and talents.  The school system believes that the magnet programs foster innovation in learning, greater parental involvement and student engagement, and higher student achievement.  Students receive traditional academic instruction but also education tailored to the student’s special interest or talents.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools currently offers 11 magnet programs or themes in 40 schools.  Some of the themes are available only in one school while others are county-wide.  Some of the themes focus on subject areas, others focus on learning methods.  A list of the themes and a brief description follow.

  1. Center for Leadership and Global Economics (K-5)  Focuses on developing leadership skills needed to participate in the global economy.  Offers the first Arabic language instruction in a North Carolina School.
  2. International Baccalaureate (Three programs for K-12)  Focuses on internationalism and service to society with rigorous academic study.  Includes a diploma program for Grades 11 and 12.
  3. Learning Immersion and Talent Development  (K-5)  Provides a rigorous academic curriculum challenging students to reach their fullest potential.  The program in K-2 identifies gifted children to continue in the talent development program in grades 3-5.
  4. Math, Science and Environmental Studies (K-12)  Provides special classes focusing on science, technology, environment and math.
  5. Military and Global Leadership (6-12)  Provides a traditional curriculum in a structured, military-themed school atmosphere.
  6. Montessori (PreK-7) Provides instruction in the non-traditional Montessori approach where students work individually or in small groups.
  7. Paideia (K-5)  Provides a rigorous liberal arts education that enables students to learn the duties of citizenship in a democracy.
  8. Phillip O. Berry Academy of Technology (9-12)  Provides practical classroom instruction in three academies:  The Academy of Information Technology, the Academy of Medical Sciences and Biotechnology and the Academy of Engineering.
  9. Traditional (K-5)  Students are taught a rigorous traditional curriculum in a structured classroom and held to a high standard of academics and conduct.
  10. Visual and Performing Arts (K-12)  In addition to a traditional academic curriculum, students receive instruction in the visual arts, theater arts, music and dance.
  11. World Languages (K-12)  Students have the opportunity to become fluent in Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish.  Students have the opportunity to become fluent in three languages by grade 12.

Any student may apply for a CMS magnet program through a lottery process.  Transportation is provided if the magnet school serves the student’s transportation zone or is a countywide program.  CMS hosts a series of magnet-school fairs to provide information about the various programs in January.  Online application for the magnet schools begins January 8, 2010 and continues through February 8, 2010.

Click here to learn more about magnet programs in the Charlotte NC Schools.

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Posted: Friday, January 8, 2010 11:43 AM by Carol Fox


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