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Charlotte NC Home Buyers Now Have Job Loss Protection

Buying a home in the Charlotte NC marketplace?  Allen Tate Job Loss Protection ProgramAllen Tate Realtors now offers a Job Loss Protection program for qualified Charlotte NC home buyers.  The Job Loss Protection program can give you greater confidence to move forward with your home purchase in the current uncertain economy.

How does the Allen Tate Job Loss Protection program work?

  • The program provides up to six months of mortgage payments during the first 24 months from date of closing if the borrower or co-borrower becomes involuntarily unemployed.
  • Coverage is up to $1,800 per month.
  • The program is offered at no cost to the buyer and must be funded by the seller.

Who is eligible for the Allen Tate Job Loss Protection program?

  • The borrower must be employed full-time at time of closing.
  • The borrower cannot be self-employed, an independent contractor or on active military duty.
  • The borrower must be eligible for state unemployment benefits.

Who administers the Allen Tate Job Loss Protection program?

  • The Job Loss Protection program is part of the HELP (Home Owner Education and Loss Protection) program administered by the Rainy Day Foundation.
  • The Rainy Day Foundation is a non-profit organization whose mission is to assist individuals in maintaining home ownership.  The HELP Program provides voluntary financial and budget counseling to buyers via telephone and e-mail for the first 24 months following closing as well as emergency counseling and grants to assist home owners during times of financial hardship.

Charlotte NC home buyers who are interested in adding this protection program to their home purchase should contact me for a list of Allen Tate homes currently offering the Job Loss Protection program.  I can also offer the program on any Charlotte NC home for my qualified buyer clients.

For more information about the Allen Tate Job Loss Protection program, contact Carol Fox at 704-814-6242 or via email.

Visit www.CarolinaSmallTownLiving.com to learn more about buying your next home.

About the author:  Carol Fox of Allen Tate Realtors at 704-814-6242 has been helping Charlotte NC home buyers find the right homes and neighborhoods for over twenty years.

Copyright 2009.  Carol Fox.  *Charlotte NC Home Buyers Now Have Job Loss Protection*


Posted: Monday, May 11, 2009 1:26 PM by Carol Fox


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