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Charlotte NC School System Sends Parents to School

How many times have we heard that lack of parent involvement and poor parenting skills are the real reason for poor student achievement in the public schools?  In Charlotte NC, there's an innovative new program available to help parents and their children.  It's called CMS Parent University.  CMS stands for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, one of the nation's largest urban districts. 

CMS just released the course guide for the 2008-2009 spring semester of Parent University.  I thumbed through the catalog recently and I think Parent University is really cool!  The courses are grouped into four categories:

  • Parenting Awareness.  Courses to empower parents to raise confident, educated children.
  • Helping Your Child Learn in the 21st Century.  Courses to teach parents how they can support their children academically.
  • Health and Wellness.  Courses to help families build healthy lifestyles physically and emotionally.
  • Personal Growth and Development.  Courses to help parents grow personally and professionally.

There are courses for children of every age level, including pre-school children.  They're free.  They are given in various locations around Charlotte, sometimes in the schools and sometimes, off-site.

Here are just a few of the courses available during the coming semester.

Parenting Awareness

  • Managing Behavior Through Positive Discipline
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Internet and Cyber Safety

Helping Your Child Learn

  • How to Help Your Child Study
  • Helping Your High School Student Prepare for College
  • Transitioning from Elementary to Middle and Middle to High School courses

Health and Wellness

  • Teen Driving Safety
  • Bullying Prevention
  • Healthy Meals for Families

Personal Growth

  • Job Searching
  • Resume Writing
  • Financial Literacy for Families

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About the author:  Carol Fox of Allen Tate Realtors is a veteran agent who has helped families find the right homes and neighborhoods in Charlotte NC for over twenty years.

Copyright 2009.  Carol Fox.  All rights reserved.  "Charlotte NC School System Sends Parents to School"

Posted: Friday, January 16, 2009 12:43 PM by Carol Fox


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